Capturing those treasured moments, whatever the occasion.


Life is busy. The days, months and years all pass by so quickly!! And it's often not until we look back at photos that we realise just how much we, or our children, have changed...

Now, I can't offer to stop time (oh, if only!!) but I can offer to capture today - not just how you looked, but how you laughed and your love for one another. Recording those precious times together that you may treasure for many years to come!

And I get the excuses - I just want photos of the kids, I don't want to be in the shot, when we have a bit more money, when I loose weight, when I have something nicer to wear - the thing is, your kids don't care about any of that stuff and in years to come, you'll wish you'd got in the frame! 

 I record moments as they happen and I love to include the natural surroundings within my shoots. My lifestyle sessions can take place outdoors or in the comfort of your own home, capturing memories in a relaxed way. 


My Lifestyle sessions are priced at £125 for a one hour shoot, this includes 5 digital images.
Additional digital images, prints and products can also be purchased.

Please get in touch for more information, I'd love to discuss your ideas with you!

Frequently asked questions

What's the best time of day for a family shoot? 

Golden hour is the BEST time of day for a photoshoot!
Golden hour is the time of day right before sunset where the light is stunning and makes everything and everyone look so good! For those of you with little ones, I recommend a late nap and a snack/dinner before the shoot. However, I realise that it's not possible for everyone.
Second best is the morning, when the sun isn't too high and the kids are still in a good mood! *hopefully*

What should we wear!?

Above all else, my main concern will always be that you feel and look like yourselves! If you feel comfortable, the chances are, you'll look comfortable too.
I'd always advise to co-ordinate outfits rather than matching them. This gives scope for individuals to wear outfits that are more fitting to them and gives an overall softer, more subtle result.
Solid black or white can look really flat in photos so I would suggest avoiding these if you can, or if your heart is set on white, try something with texture, or an off-white instead.
Text, stripes or characters tend to detract from the main focus of photos so if you're able to part your little one with their favourite character t-shirt, you will reap the rewards!!

What happens if it's raining or cloudy?

If the weather is awful I'm always more than happy to re-schedule. I generally follow the weather forecast in advance of any shoots, so will email you a few days in advance of your photoshoot if I think we may need to postpone. Sessions on cloudy days will go ahead as scheduled, you might be surprised at how soft the light is on overcast days, which can make for really gorgeous photographs!

Should we bring anything to the session?

If you'd like to bring along some of your child's favourite toys, games, balls, kites, bubbles – it's lovely to capture something that you enjoy doing together as a family. Snacks are also always a good idea.

What if my kids don't behave?

Kids are kids and I love to photograph them in their happy place - with you!! I don't expect children to sit still and smile sweetly at the camera (and tend to find asking children to smile at the camera, or to behave themselves do more harm than good!!) I'd much rather capture them giggling with mummy & daddy, jumping in puddles or exploring rock pools. Please don't stress about your kids being on their best behaviour, I'd much rather capture them being themselves!

How do we book a session with you?

Drop me a message via my contact page and tell me all about you and your preferred date! I'll get back to you ASAP with all the info and once we've agreed a date, I just require a completed booking form, along with your booking fee, to confirm the session.

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